Dark Souls 2 - Benhart of Jugo Quest (Moonlight Greatsword Achievement/Trophy)

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  • Автор: IP1STOLPETE

    A video showing how to Get the Moonlight Greatsword Achievement/Trophy, Inherit Benhart of Jugo's equipment (Bluemoon Greatsword and Benhart's Set) Also showing Benhart QuestLine. Use the redeye ring the boss will focus on you more. get the ring from Sweet Shalquoir for 6700 Souls

    Note, This video is not showing how to get the Moonlight Greatsword. Only Benhart of Jugo Quest and the Moonlight Greatsword Achievement/Trophy.

    In order to to complete his quest and inherit his weapon/armor you have to summon him for three of the four following bosses (He must survive three of them)

    Prowling Magus & Congregation in Brightstone Cove Tseldora at the Royal Army Campsite in one of the nearby tents.

    Looking Glass Knight in Drangleic Castle right before the fog door.

    Giant Lord in the Memory of Jeigh at the bottom of the stairs before the fog door. Summoning Captain Drummond will prevent the summoning of Benhart.

    Throne of Want to the left of the fog door. only the Nashandra boss fight counts towards the 3 required fights.

    Speak to him once again in Memory of Orro to receive his weapon and gear.

    Get Benhart's Set & Bluemoon Greatsword.

Crimson Kioku

Dude, your voice is fucking hilarious.

Liberty Prime

so it IS fake? better kill the bastard and get the sword instead doing all
this crap, fuck the aviecement.

Zayne Kaniho

Dat accent


i just killed him at lvl 1 and got his sword lol


Can I hire you to narrate my day to day life?


or kill him and just take the sword XD but its not that good when your like
level 167


Is anyone else having problems with Benhart's summon signs?  I can't seem
to summon him at all

derek “mrdjohn0120” johnson

i hope someone can explain how benhart himself is in memory to begin with.
Did he travel past Aldias keep? Did he get the ashen mist? Or what else?
Time is messed up in dark souls but there has to be an explanation for

Augusto Guardado

I barely started playing Dark Souls II and I am interested in the gear,
sword and achievement. I LITERALLY beat the Looking Glass Knight three
hours ago without summoning Bernhart. So can I commence with the Giant Lord
in the Memory of Jeigh and keep on using asteics to repeat the same fight
three times? Or do I need to complete the game again and do it in order?

Илья Олейник

thanks, that helped me alot

Thiago Consolaro

Useless Sword? You're kidding. Reinforced it to +10 and I got a sword that
I used it to almost a whole playthrough.

Tales Mota

7:58 did that guy kill Benhart?

Kyle Benson

Im gonna sub to you...cus you sound a lot like Frankieonpcin1080p
.....that's a fucking amazing thing


Can u do the same Boss fight but just bonfire acetic it

Wrought Bedpan

i heard your voice and i subscribed

Manuel Banana

I can confirm that using bonfire ascetic x3 in Brightstone cove tent to
summon bernhart 3x for chapel boss works.  Once you get in drangleic castle
and meet him next to the bonfire he will give you his gear and you get the
achievement too. (ps3 version).


I enjoyed this video and I got enough info from it. Thank you very much


Dude what is your accent?

Hung Nguyen

When lucatel died on the rotten boss her quest was still there.Do the quest
only stop in ng+


I defeated the guardians without the dude, if i burn a thing for new game
plus mode can i redo that final fight?


What if I accidentally killed him thinking his sword was the real one ._.


Oh nvm. I thought this was how to get the real ones


Or you can kill him :P


Or you can do 3 times fight at area of bright stone tseoldra, by clearing
whole area every time. And he drops better weapon on ng+1 so dont kill him.

Brad Konieczka (Ebiru2387)

Do you have to quit and reload if Bernhart dies?Or can you just die and
re-summon him?

eric remus

Just kill him

Basti Sanchez

Or you can just kill him you will get the sword anyway

silvio steentjes

How is it that i can not summon him at all? Im not in a covenant anymore
and i play online. I dont even see his summon sign... What can it be?

silvio steentjes

Do you have to be human to summon him?

Christopher Wizzart

I love this guys accent

Rose Kroitz

It's called Bluemoon Greatsword you peasant.

Aleksi Konttinen

You sound like sean connory

iRaGeAlOt Quir

Or just kill him

Daniel King

Or you could kill him when you first see him to only get the sword

Yamane Dominguez

Dude actually if you just fight the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender,
without Nashandra, you can get the achievement/trophy.

xX420blazeitFaggetXx lel

So the one from Dark Souls one is the original one and that one is fake
hahaha bigest troll ever.

Marksman568 Gaming

try giving the old paledrakes soul to ornifex. if you r not on ng+ just
ascetic it and kill freja

OMGYou Bish

i killed him.. is that bad?

Adam Webb

Erm...... I .... Just kinda..... KIIIINDA .... Killed him and took it O_O

Mr. Michi!

Ohhh, I love your voice!


or you can skip all this and use astetics at the royal army campsite and
fight along side him 3 times and then talk to him. takes like 10% of the
time lol and there is like no chance of him dying against the easiest
boss/bosses in the game.


If I were to kill this guy is it worth it?

Leon Piro

JESUS the real one os the goddamn Moonlight greatsword, the faked one (that
benhart owns) is the motherfuckin BLUEMOON greatsword. Goddammit

Minato Arisato

this game and all its characters are sad ;~;

31 kuntakinte

just kill him and take it

Dead Viper

U didn't get the real one u killed him and took the fake on fucking idiot
and liar


I think they should have given him special dialogue if you wield the real
moonlight greatsword

Rasputin The Savior

Scottish people are badass. Fucking LOVE their accent!

Tim Arndt

these videos have helped me immensly with the npc quests thanks a lot

Wynter Medic

So where is the real
One right now?


Just kill this cock. Too much effort for a mediocre but awesome looking

king gut

Too bad I killed him


Where does Benhart move after you activate the quest and remove the
obstructing statue?


Or better yet, where is it that you spawn after the video transitions at

Benjamin W Zhang

thanks for the video and I like the way you speak

31 kuntakinte

this is impossible


hello ip1stolpete, so if benhart dies during any of these fights, can i
just let the boss killme and start over with benhart?

DefiantDeer 13th [

Your voice is freakin badass :D

James Olarte

His sword the BlueMoon Greatsword is a fake, the real one is Moonlight
Greatsword, you can get it by killing The Duke's Dear Freja in NG+ to get
the Old Paledrake Soul and trade it to Ornifex.

Jimigene Daso

You speak like Benhart!! In a good way!

pedro alexandre

btw benhart's sword looks cool


Or you could murder him in cold blood :D


ihow much i love benhart he is one of the best characters in souls series

Kezo lastname

Both you and your accent my friend, are custom-made for RPGs!

logan wright

this guy is trying to make his voice sound serious and it sounds stupid


this is a really good tutorial for this achievement thanks so much, none of
the other walkthrough make it clear enough where he is

Wealthy Pepsi

this is a pretty shit weapon. the fire long sword you get at the start of
the game is better than this shit


do you know how bad i amfeeling now. I killed him

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